Another Project FINISHED! YEAH!

Posted by Julie Ann Smith on

....and here is the finished piece!  My BOHEMIAN FLOWER SQUARES mini wall quilt!  I think it is beautiful, if I do say so myself!
So what, pray tell could I do next?
Some days and most of those days I feel GOOD and energetic!   Some days don't go so well for me!  And I am most sure that we all have THOSE KIND OF DAYS!
I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  Two auto immune diseases!  Most of my symptoms for the last 40 years now most assuredly explain things that have happened.  But here lately it's like they are on OVERLOAD!
Here lately, I have also found out that I have osteoarthritis and my back and knees are not good!  I also have severe shoulder pain and BOY DO I JUST WANT TO SCREAM!
I don't often talk about this madness.  Old age.  But it really is creeping into my life and causing me to not be so energetic and creative.  And lately I just haven't wanted to do much of anything....BUT CLIMB THE WALLS!
However, I digress.  I know that I must PUSH THROUGH and keep on doing what I've been doing for over 55 years now.  And that is to create!
I realized that a dear friend's birthday was just around the corner, so I set out to make her a bag for her special day!  I embroidered this sweet pink flower (Alyssa's favorite colors and pink and black) and since she is a proud Mom, I had to add that to the focal embroidered piece!
Here is an up close shot of the finished front piece.  I added some beadwork (of course) and some charms, which Alyssa loves!
To break up the black outside color palette, I put in a piece of fabric that has a bright pink background!  So sweet!
Here is the back of the bag!  I put a large pocket back there with my LITTLE BUGGAR BAG tag.  Then I finished off the pocket with a little black heart charm.  SO CUTE!
And here is the finished bag!!  Oh so sweet it is!  I shipped it and just the very next day I get a text from Alyssa.  And boy was she surprised!  She said she didn't expect this and getting it really made her feel good!  With all the madness in the World at this very moment, I guess this bag (and the little extras I threw in the box) gave Alyssa that NEEDED hug!
In the end, my mission was accomplished!  The hug was delivered and LOVE abounds!
After all, that's why I do what I do!  So when I get down and I feel myself sinking further into the madness with all this pain, I will remember to FOCUS and to KEEP ON KEEPING ON!
"....this tape will self destruct in 5 seconds...."