Posted by Julie Ann Smith on

This old cabin was sure in bad shape when we moved in, 5 years ago now.  The cabin had been built 1926, to house the workers that were building LAKE Brownwood.  It was a "bunk house" and since then, new owners have added on.

Well, my office was sure in a mess and yesterday I tripped and fell on a piece of old linoleum that was sticking up from the many layers that it had on it.

Rob, my hero, went directly to Home Depot and got some new flooring.  He stripped all the muck to the very bottom so they would be a nice layer.  And oh boy, OPPS, there was a huge crack in the foundation.  Being the ALL KNOWING, ALL SEEING, ALL DOING kind of guy, He fixed the crack and the new flooring started going down.

While I sit here and nurse my swollen ankle, I am excited to get back into the office and CREATE!  I am reminded that I could not do what I do without the help and LOVE of my husband, Rob.  He does what is needed so I can do what I do.  Gosh....am I blessed or what?!  

Now I can't wait to get everything back in it's place!  THANK YOU HONEY!