I'm On An Embroidery Kick!

Posted by Julie Ann Smith on

Hi Everyone!  Hope you all are safe and sound!  It's been a crazy month or so, hasn't it!
Well, here at the lake I have been trying to finish up projects that I have started in the past.  Really trying to focus on getting them done!
But in today's blog, I really started this project just a few days okay!
I have an embroidery machine.  Bought it from a friend a year or so ago now.  And talk about addicting!  I'm able to purchase and download embroidery files that I can actually turn into something and boy am I having a blast!

I love the embroidery designs at emblibrary.com!  The digitizers there are amazing.  What is a digitizing?  It is taking a drawn image and making it into an embroidery file.  I'd love to do this with my own artwork (a dream of mine) but the software is truly out of the ball park for me.  $700 out of the park.

So for now, I purchase these files.  And in this series of BOHEMIAN flower squares, I purchased five out of the six Embroidery Library had available.  And at $1.39 (on special) I couldn't resist.

I had an idea in mind right when I saw these lovely squares on sale.  Each square takes about 85 to 90 minutes, which includes changing thread colors, to stitch.  That is a boo-coo of time but oh so worth it.

I so enjoy making small, table top or small wall quilts.  And here at the Cabin on the Lake, my wall space is truly limited!

These squares are made using my 5 x 7 hoop.  So basically they measure out to be 5 x 5 squares when finished!

I love the art of quilting.  My sweet Rob bought me this Singer Quilting Machine several years ago now.  And oh, do I love it!  It has the option for FREE MOTION QUILTING of which I am totally addicted.

So I have just one more square to embroidery and then it will be time to put it all together!  And that, my Friends is for another day!

Please stay tuned!  LOVE and good health to you ALL!