IT'S FINALLY FINISHED! Tapestry Crocheted Bag!

Posted by Julie Ann Smith on

I started this tapestry crochet bag over 2 years ago.  A great multi yarn for the background with a bright gold for the accents!  Loved it.  I found it when I was sorting and cleaning out my yarn stash.  I had about 4 inches to finish it so I bit the bullet and now here is the finished product!  I am quite proud of the design too! (yes, I designed it)!
It's a pretty big bag!  And miraculously it holds everything I have!  But wait, I had to add a lining.  So I got out some of my stash and found the perfect fit...
This fabric was some I used on a t-shirt quilt I made my Son!
I stiffened the fabric a tad with iron on interfacing, took a few measurements and sewed the round bottom to the sides!  Took a minute or so and then I was ready to insert the closure snap!
So I inserted the snap behind 3 more layers of interfacing to hold the snap in good and then I pinned the interfacing to the bag.
I hand sewed the top of the lining to the bag.  I took very small stitches as I sure don't want it to get loose!  I think it looks great!  (patting myself on my back) but....
....I learned a great lesson from the finishing of this bag.  DON'T START something you CAN'T or WON'T finish.  I could have been using this bag the last few years if I would have finished it like I had planned to.
So I am on a mission to finish something before it lays dormant for me to GET MY STUFF together!
Here is another bag that I made using this pattern...
Same design, different colors!  I used a cinch rope to close this one!
What's next on my design table?
I'm working on a BOHEMIAN embroidery set of five designs for a wall quilt for our bedroom!  I recently bought a new bedspread that is very colorful and I need something on this blank wall that I have....
Let's GET HER DONE!  Later, with LOVE!