June 2021

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It's been a while since I wrote!  HI!  I pray you all are well as we all get through the pandemic.  I try to keep busy and as I get older and as I am REALLY feeling my 63 years, it's been trying to say the least.  Seems like everything on my body is "going".  I've been diagnosed with HASHIMOTO'S THYROIDITIS and FIBROMYALGIA.  I also have osteoarthritis and boy is it playing HAVOC with my body.  My recent elbow and hand surgery went well, but I had a major allergic reaction to, of all things, the tape.  I was rushed to the OR after my elbow broke out in puss pockets.  It was very painful.  But after a month now, things are calming down a bit.  Now I'm facing knee replacement surgery.  But I MUST carry on!

I got into DIAMOND ART PAINTING last year, during the heat of the pandemic.  I designed this little piece last June, 2020.  One of my flower characters.  It was so much fun!

Then I designed "CROSSES ON A HILL".  It really just fell into place.  I picked out the colors and just ran with it.  "Designing on the fly" if you will.

I knew that my hand surgery would keep me from doing a few things, right out of the gate, but it didn't stop me from "carrying on", even with a weepy elbow.  I bought a HUGE diamond painting I wanted to do for my Dad, for Father's Day!  Dad is 90 now and he moved in with my Sister, who lives in Georgia.  They built an add on for Dad and his contractor just finished with it.  I thought a diamond painting would look great on one of his walls.


Little did I know this particular diamond painting was 23 inches by 23 inches.  Over 66,000 dots to place.  Oh my.

I started 3 days after my surgery and I just finished it yesterday.  I bought a huge frame and Rob and I will be framing it tonight.  Dad is coming to Texas at the end of July and I want to present it to him then!

I must say, that working on it about 5 hours a day, for a month, really did strengthen and bring back my hand back to pretty much normal.  I still can't pick anything heavy up and sometimes my grip is shaky, but all in all, I'm doing good!  And I also created several bead patterns during this time.

Here is finished painting, not framed just yet.

It is simply beautiful.  I hope Dad will like it!  (It's kind of wavy as I had to photograph it laying half on a pillow).  I hope I didn't MISS any areas.  I try to be as precise as I can in the placement of each DIAMOND DRILL, is what they are called.

I'm glad to be back blogging and sharing with you all!  I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope it will inspire you and bring JOY!  That is aim!


Love to each of you!  Until next time...