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Well, here are the squares that I stitched using my embroidery machine.  These are stitched on 5 x 5 squares that I purchased in a pack!  Subtle tie dyed squares.  So pretty!
So yesterday I was able to square off the squares and add borders all around.  Then I quilted it with my other sewing/quilting machine using a free-motion stitch!  (BTW that is my favorite thing to do, it the FREE-MOTION QUILTING).
Then I added the bias cut trim....and TA-DA!  DONE!
Here is a side view!  I sure hope my BFF will like this table mat!  I am late in getting it to her for her birthday as it is tomorrow, but I pray she feels blessed by it!
And really that IS THE REASON I make stuff.  So that the receiver will feel loved and blessed!
And here is the final photo!  Now that this is done, I need to wrap it up and get it in the mail!  
Now my next project?  To line a bag I made out of one of my designs, in lovely tapestry crochet!  I started the bag 2 years ago and finally finished it.  Now for the lining....
Stay tuned for that adventure tomorrow!