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Posted by Julie Ann Smith on

Hello All!  I pray everyone is well, healthy and HAPPY!
I've come to a point in my career!  It feels like things are changing for me.
Yes, I am an artist with many desires to create many different things.  Over the last 25 years, I have designed items ranging from fabric design to sewing of quilts, bags, playing with felt and macrame.  I've designed greeting cards and then there is yarn.  I've got a bevy of that stuff laying around.
I love to make dolls, crocheted or otherwise....
Will you look at the beads on Medusa!  She was a blast to crochet and bead.
And did I mention yarn?
My Grandma Reida taught me how to crochet when I was 6 or 7.  Been a million years ago.  She told me that her mother in law told her that "no women should be idle."  So you can imagine that Czech women of the early 1900's were busy little beavers!
With my love of design, knowing the skills really serves me well.  I can practically take any method of design and make it happen!  It's a GOD THING.  I've learned over the years that HE gave me these gifts and it's up to me to share them with YOU!
Like I said, I love to create!  Usually what comes to mind is the FINAL product.  I can most times, SEE what it is and how it is to be.  Then comes the fun.  Creating it.  I cannot tell you just how satisfying it is to see it all come together.  
I feel so very blessed and HONORED that God chose me to do these things.
And then there are the BEADS!  Yep, Grandma taught me about them!  We used to sit around the table, my cousins, my baby sister and brothers and we would make sequin balls at Christmas time.  Ah, those beads.
I've been designing bead patterns now for 21 years.  I have created over 500 designs, most of them are now online here at my store and at etsy.  What an adventure.  I know my Mom and Grandma would be proud of me!
Through all this, my hope and prayer is that these works will INSPIRE YOU to create from your heart.  Listen closely to your heart as that is how God speaks to us.  If you are really IN TUNE with it, you will hear HIS still small voice!
I am living proof of this.  Thank you GOD for allowing me to share your gifts with others!  I am so very blessed!
So THIS CHANGE that I am feeling.  IT's time for me to BREAK OUT and to speak to you what is truly in my heart.  It's time for me to move further down the road to THE SPECIAL PLACE where I go when my heart is so full it is bursting out all over.
I feel that I am to share with you the stories.  The adventure.  My goal is to bless just one.  If I do that, then I have succeeded!
I love you ALL!