What Am I Doing Right Now?

Posted by Julie Ann Smith on

What are you all up to today!?  It seems like this World is a bit crazy right now but I REFUSE to join in.  I am just doing my thing and keeping a SMILEY FACE on!  I mean, come on, what else can you do?  I love the saying, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON and that is just what I plan to do!
Yeah, I've been nursing some pretty outrageous allergies (or something) as of late and it really got me down there for a few days.  But I get so tired of sitting and doing nothing that I decided I better get back to it!  So......
I found this awesome embroidery design file from SWEET PEA EMBROIDERY and I decided I needed to make a very SPECIAL FRIEND, a table mat/runner for her birthday!  So I embroidered these on my embroidery machine.  Took about 45 minutes for each flower.
Her favorite color is blue but I taking a "red curve" and giving it a bit of purple!  Nothing like a bit of a different color to enjoy!  I have so spoiled my Friend over the 25 years we've known each other.  I mean, she used to watch my boys while I went to work.
This SPECIAL FRIEND is a decorating FREAK and I say that will all due respect.  She can decorate the heck out of a room!  She used to sell home decor back in the day, and she truly pulls out all the stops at each holiday or season!  I hope she can find a place for this little darling!
Here are all six of the flower designs done from SWEET PEA EMBROIDERY.  Now I will have to break out the quilting machine and get after it.  I'm late in getting this special gift out, as my Friend's birthday is tomorrow, but she knows I've been a bit UNDER the weather!
I will share a picture of the finished piece when I'm done.  I think it might be time for a nap.....nahhhh, back to sewing!