I love CHARMS!  Most are made using some type of metal.  Some have enamel, some rhinestones.  I've always been a collector of them!

Several years ago, I started making brick stitch charms!  I wanted a way to create charms using my Delica beads and I found them quite addictive!  It's also a great way to use up your "scraps".....those left over beads where there just isn't quite enough for a project, you will soon come to ENJOY using those left over beads!  I know I do!

In this COLLECTION you will find my use of the BRICK stitch quite fun!  Please see my BRICK STITCH TUTORIAL, so you too, can join the fun as we stitch!

I will be adding more BRICK STITCH COLLECTIONS as time goes on.  PLEASE STAY TUNED!