I'm come from a long line of "crafty" women.  Mom was an excellent seamstress and all around creator of wonderful gifts for our family.  My Grandma too, was crafty.  She loved to crochet and knit and she was the one who introduced me to beads.  So naturally, I was to become "crafty", seeing all these two incredible women had created while I was growing up.

In 1999, I taught myself how to do odd count peyote.  YOUTUBE was not in fashion at the time so I learned from the web site, about.com.   Being a quilter, greeting card artist and all around "do it myself" kind of gal, my very first beading patterns were hand colored into little squares.  Not long after, I bought a beading software program and began to write patterns. 

I've learned over the years, just how important writing a GOOD bead pattern is.  At this writing, I've created over 300 peyote patterns.  My pattern writing is an on going craft, as I try to write patterns better and better all the time.

Being a very spiritual person, I believe these designs are gifted me. I also feel like these gifts are given so that I can share back into this world.  I've been blessed enough to make my living by these creations and I thoroughly enjoy creating and sharing with you!  I have so many, many thoughts in my head that sometimes it seems that there is NOT enough time in the day to get them out...

My hope is that you too, will enjoy these gifts as I share them with you!

Thanks for being here!