Welcome to MY WORLD!  This web site represents what my life has been about, all these many years!  I love to create!  I love to dabble in many areas to include beading, crochet, macramé, wire work, quilting and the list goes on.  Here you will find many of my BEADING patterns and original HANDMADE works.
Created with LOVE and CARE, I bring to you MY HEART, for each and every item here was generously gifted me from ABOVE and I am excited to share THIS LOVE with you!
I'm so THRILLED to have you here that I have created some WONDERFUL discounts for you!  This discounts are ON-GOING and I hope you take advantage of them as many times as you like, for any number of purchases you make here at JULIEANNSMITH.COM.  Please click on the DISCOUNT CODE link above!
I will also be offering my PATTERN OF THE WEEK!  I will offer up one pattern for the week, at a special discounted price!  STAY TUNED for wonderful discount prices and patterns that are NOT anywhere else on the INTERNET!
I hope you have a wonderful visit here!  I hope these works bring JOY to you and a smile when created for another!  I love you ALL!