I get a lot of emails from you all asking me where I purchase my supplies, so I thought I would create a page with links so you too, can take advantage of these great places to shop.  Just know, I get no compensation from these folks.  I've used most of them for years, others, are new for me, but offer such wonderful products and service, that I just had to share.  Let's get started...


I used size 11/0 Delica beads exclusively.  I use the following online vendors for these:

ABOUT-BEADS.COM Karl Wester is the proprietor of this online business.  I have traded with Karl for over 15 years.  He packs the Delicas in little boxes (which there is no charge) and it makes perfect sense to buy from him.  His prices are for 5 grams (some are less depending on what they are) and his prices are reasonable.  He carries all Delicas up to the latest Miyuki Duracoats, #2142.  He ships everyday and he ships to the US only.  He has great customer service!  This is a retail web site.

DELIBEADS.COM I've just found this web site.  Pam is the owner and she carries a lot of the new shaped beads.  She also has the full line up of Delicas.  She also offers "deli points" which you can use with every order.  She ships quickly!  She also has great customer service.  This is a retail website.

CARAVANBEADS.COM If you need or want to buy in bulk, Barry's web site is the place to shop.  He has an online retail shop or you can buy wholesale after setting up an account with him.  He is the US distributor for Miyuki.  He has everything there to include C-Lon, needles, Nymo, etc.  A wealth of products.  Barry has great customer service and I've been a long time customer.  This site has a retail and wholesale area.


I have searched high and low for the best price on Berkley's FireLine fishing line.  You can get it at various online beads shops and I've even purchased it at Cabela's and other outdoor stores, if I need it quickly.  This is the ONLY thread I will use now, the 4lb. crystal type.

AMAZON.COM I ONLY buy Berkley FireLine Fused Crystal, in the 4lb size, to stitch.  And I only buy it from the maker, Berkley.  You can buy it in a variety of yardages.  Most times I get free shipping too!  If you buy from some online shops, they jack up the price.  Just beware.  I use alot of this stuff, so I've have searched high and low.


I use a lot of size 15/0 round seed beads for my trim.  My "go-to" seed is made by Miyuki.  Why?  They are small in size, say versus rounds from Toho.  To me, the Toho beads sit up too high and they don't rest on top of the Delicas as well as the Miyuki seeds do.  This is a personal preference.  I usually buy what is on sale and from a variety of places....

CARAVANBEADS.COM  Of course, I love CARAVANBEADS.COM because they carry EVERYTHING in the Miyuki line.  So I'm looking for a particular seed, I know I can always find what I need at CARAVAN!

FUSIONBEADS.COM   Fusion has sales all the time.  I buy from them a lot, but their variety has gone down some in the last few months.  And if you don't watch it, you can be purchasing Toho's in with the Miyuki's (if that makes a difference to you).  But their prices are good during their sales and they sell in 8 gram bags.  Free shipping after a cart of $25.  Shipping is becoming a problem there, at least for me.  My last order took

ARTBEADS.COM   Like Fusion, ARTBEADS.COM has sales all the time.  They seem to have a greater selection of size 15/0's in the Miyuki's which, I prefer.  Free shipping after $25.  It takes about 7 days to get my beads from them.


I have found many places over the years to collect my toggle bars/rings that I use to finish off my bracelets.  I used to use a lot of buttons, but I have found that in the last say 10 years, I like using toggle bars/ring sets for my closures.  I just like the look of them.  Here's what I've found over the years....

FIREMOUNTAINGEMS.COM  No matter how much you want to spend on your closures, you can find a nice variety at FIREMOUTAINGEMS.COM.  From sterling silver and gold filled to base metals, I can find a very unique group at FIREMOUNTAIN.  If you sign up for their mailings, you get mini catalogs throughout the year that have wonderful sales.  I love getting their catalogs.

MICHAELS.COM  Now that we live at the Lake, my weekly jaunts to local craft stores has ceased.  I have to travel 90 miles to find my nearest Michaels so I do a lot of shopping online now.  You can always find a coupon to use at their site and sometime they have wonderful closeout specials.


ALIVEGEMS@ETSY.COM  I have just recently found an online shop at etsy, ALIVE GEMS, and it's proprietor, Guillaume, a gemologist.  He has the most wonderful stones and cabochons.  He is from Montreal, Canada and his customer service is outstanding.  His prices are very reasonable!  If you have a special need, I would give him a shout-out and ask.  Guillaume will take custom orders.  He is very obliging and prompt.  Please tell him I sent you!