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Yes, I was "on a roll" when I was making these buttons!  I just couldn't stop.  These are TOTALLY handmade.  Even down to the shank on the back of these adorable buttons.  You can use these on your bracelets OR any number of items.  These are so cute!  Each one made with love.  I will choose your buttons for you!



I've used FIMO polymer clay to make these polymer clay buttons.  Each one was hand fashioned, baked and sealed with clear coat spray.  See photos for sizing.

These ARE not washable.



I ship to the United States ONLY.  You will have the option at checkout to choose FIRST CLASS MAIL or PRIORITY MAIL from the United States Postal Service.

With FIRST CLASS MAIL, it is cheaper, and it does have a tracking number, but NO insurance, and it might take up to 7 days to receive your package.  In other words, I cannot guarantee it's "ride" to your house.  And if a package is lost in the mail, I will not be able to REMAKE your item(s).  I do not recommend this service.

With PRIORITY MAIL, you get a tracking number, it comes with $100 insurance if lost or damaged and it comes to you within 2 to 3 days.  If something happens to your box, the US Postal Service will guarantee it, so you and I will get our monies returned.  I know it's a lot of money to ship but it's worth it when you are getting a one of a kind, handmade item.  I highly recommend this service.