LOVE NEVER FAILS Handpainted Rock

Julie Ann Smith

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LOVE NEVER FAILS Handpainted Rock
LOVE NEVER FAILS Handpainted Rock

ABSOLUTELY....LOVE NEVER FAILS!  I taught my boys to believe in it and now I am teaching my grandchildren.  I ask you, how can you go wrong with you LOVE someone?  You simply cannot...plain and simple!

This tiny rock is one I would give to one of my grandchildren to carry in their pockets to remind them that "grandma loves them...."  Yes, I painted the entire rock PINK, fyi.

 The size of this rock is barely over 1 1/2 inches wide just under 1 1/2 inches tall by 7/8 inches deep.  Approximate size listed here.

I have used acrylic paints and have sealed this rock on all sides using a SATIN finish spray!

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