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You are purchasing an ODD count peyote digital pattern....NOT THE ITEM IN THE PHOTO!!

My youngest son Ryan, is a STAR WARS fan, as am I. Ryan is also an accomplished artist in his own right. I’m proud to collaborate with him on this piece we’ve named STAR WARS MEMORIES! For me, it’s all about Han Solo (yes, I'm in love with Harrison Ford). For Ryan, it’s Darth Vader and all of the characters on the DARK SIDE! We hope you enjoy our memories of STAR WARS!!

I've used size 11/0 Delica beads; a size 12 long beading needle; 4lb Fire Line fishing line and a toggle bar and ring for the closure.

As designed the bracelet measures 6 5/8 inches in length by 1 1/4 inches. To increase the length of the bracelet, simply repeat the black and white ends until you reach your desired length.

There are 23 columns and 199 rows. The bead count is 2189 and I used 11 different colors.

My family and I are TOTAL STAR WARS GEEKS! I hope you can make MEMORIES with this FUN to stitch bracelet!



Within the pattern you will find full color photos of the finished piece; a DELICA bead legend (listing of colors used); a view of the pattern in REAL TIME; a full color graph large enough to read easily and a WORD CHART of the pattern. There are 9 pages to this pdf download.

This pattern is in the form of a PDF file, a digital pattern, that will be readily available to you once your payment is received.

I don't mind if you make this bracelet to sell, but please give me the credit for the design within your listing of your finished piece. I would greatly appreciate it.

There are NO REFUNDS on digital files.