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Hi ALL!  Well, it's another July!  I've had 67 of them so far in my life!  How many more can God bless me with?  I don't know!  I do know that it's hot here in Texas and my eyes are burning!  Life, however, it creates itself, continues on and so much we!
I've been keeping super busy trying to get up and running.  Boy has my patience been challenged.  I'd rather be creating them stuck posting and spending endless hours on the old computer.  There is Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox and so many apps that my mind is fuzzy.  Kind of like Joe's.  Fuzzy.
But as I strive to move on, sometimes it's hard, but when you see your works in stuff like the above photo, well, then, I just say, it gets a bit easier!  I must push forward.
I designed my BUG BABIES in 2001.  Gosh, that a granddaughter ago!  Mercy sakes.  I am having fun creating and seeing all my works on something.  Back in the day, I would hand paint something that would take hours and hours and now with the click of a "mouse" you can see actual products.  I'm still amazed at the process....but oh how I wish I had an assistant.
This shirt uses a design from my JACOBEAN series, BIRDZ.  I love the contrast of colors!  I have a friend who ordered this shirt.  She loves it!
This service I use, is a print-on-demand service.  Nothing starts until you order.  They print the fabric and sent it off to be sewn!  Wow, truly a one-of-a-kind, unique item!
I know most of you who read my posts, are beaders!  I so want to get back to my beads, but I'm having trouble seeing the little buggars.  I've been diagnosed with floaters, cataracts and macular degeneration.  Oh, and let's not forget the "severe dry eye".  I have to add drops 6 times a day and a gel at night.  If I stay too long at the pool or outside, they dry up like the desert!  It's maddening.
So I move forward with what I can see and do!  I do have some exciting news though, for all you beaders out there.  I will be writing a series of bead pattern books.  I have over 600 designs, designed but only 467 published as of this writing.  Before my eyes went, I was able to stitch up 12 new designs.  I will be adding a few of these to each book I publish.  Fingers crossed that I can continue to at least see my typing errors!
Ouch...ya, it hurts!
Since it's my BIRTHDAY this month, MOST OF YOU know that I am having a 70% off sale!  Just add the patterns to your cart to see the savings.  Ya, Shopify doesn't let me show you the mark-down price on their respective pages, but the sale price will be seen in the cart!
Have you got this design yet?  It's one of my favorites!
A unique design because I've stitched over a piece of suede at the top and bottom!  So much fun!
It's almost time for BACK TO SCHOOL!  I designed this many years ago when my boys were little and I worked at their schools.  I stitched up a "gaggle" of these for their teachers!  At 70% off, it's a STEAL, for sure!
You know there is a story behind every design I've ever created.  This one is a simple story.  I love caramel and I love blue!  Simple, eh!!  One of my BEST SELLERS!!
Before I leave you, this time, I am introducing me and my beloved, Robert, or Rob, as I call him!  We will celebrate #30 soon!  Oh my!  He is my ROCK!  He is such a sweetheart and the older I get, the nicer he is, if that is possible.  His kindness and love have enabled me to do what I've done the last 30 years and for those years to come.
So, THANK YOU all who read this!  Please pass it on!  I'll be keeping in touch!  Also let me leave you with this.....


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