Hello All!  Julie Ann Smith here....I thank you for visiting me here at my site.  

I've been beading since I was 5, over 61 years ago.  My beloved Grandma Reida taught me about beads.  I started decorating Christmas ornaments where you use sequins and beads and a bit of glue.  Next came actual beaded snowflakes and icicles.  I still do these from time to time.  Well, as you can see, my love for beads has carried over.

With over 450 peyote bead patterns online, I think I'm hooked!  Ya, THINK!!

I also dabble, as an artist, in yarn, leather, fabric, paints, pencils and much more.  I am in love with the art of CREATION.  If I can see it my brain...then in my heart, a CREATION is born.  I so enjoy making for others.  I believe it is my gift from God.

You might see some of my CREATIONS here at my site besides beadwork patterns!  I also love SHARING!

I thank you all for all your LOVE and DEVOTION, some of you have been with me since 1998!  I love you ALL!  Blessings and lot of hugs and KISSES!



And my journey goes on and on and on.....