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My Mom used to say to me...."Julie, you DO TOO MUCH!"
I love my Mom and I miss her terribly, but at the time she told me this, I had my three lovely boys, a home and I had just gotten a divorce.
I had been married to my boys Dad for 14 years.  Things were tough.  I had to find a job, a new home, a car and a babysitter.  I was able to stay home to raise the boys and was petrified at the prospect of having to do all this on my own.  I was as GREEN as green can get!
At the time that my Mom said that to me, I was a RUSH of how I was going to accomplish all that in one fail swoop!  I was brought up in a Southern Baptist home and I KNEW what I needed to do.  I was to get on my KNEES....
I have always had a crayon, a colored pencil or a Micron pen in my hand.  I had stacks of yarn and fabric around me.  I had the TOOLS to do what was needed, I just had to "put FEET to the FAITH!"
I prayed like I knew what I was doing.  The prayers didn't stop either.  I had them going UP left and right....
Here is a photo of FIVE generations of my Family!  That's me in the middle, top!  My baby Sister, Susan, bottom left and both my DEAR GRANDMOTHERS.  Boy, were we a powerful bunch!
Momma could see me struggling to get everything in place.  Then she made THAT comment to me.  I had no compunction (is that a word)? of what she was trying to tell me.  I've ALWAYS been on FULL SPEED AHEAD, all of my life.  What was she trying to say to me?  I just couldn't understand.
I found a job at my boys elementary school.  I found a rental, a babysitter and a car.  All within a week's time.  I began to take in special orders and some nights, I never slept.  God was on FULL SPEED AHEAD and remarkably, I began to stay on target, of raising my boys and MAKING THE MOST of my situation.  Man, was it crazy.
It was a crazy time.  I never did follow my Mom's advice.  I couldn't understand it, as hard as I have tried.
I got my boys raised with the loving help of many and then it was time for Momma (ME) to find herself.  That in itself, is another story.
God entrusted them to me and it has been my GREATEST pleasure to be their Mom.  As they tell me now, as grown men, this...."Mom, you taught me everything I know.  YOU were my inspiration."  What better words could a Mom hear?  Tears now....
But my blessed Mom just didn't understand me.  We were close, at times, and sometimes not.  She didn't understand me and me her.  But you know.  She was my Mom and she did her best, as I tried to do my BEST.  And in the end, isn't that what it's all about?  Doing our best?
I'm being very TRANSPARENT with you guys!  I don't have to, but at this time in my life, it's time to write it down.
And the journey continues....
....and look at them now!!
Damn, I'm PROUD!

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  • Happy you made it thru the hard times.
    I’m in my late 70s, so I have been thru some rough times also.
    My hubby and I just celebrated out 57TH Wedding Anniversary! Sadly, not many make it even 10 years.
    I love your patterns! Beading keeps me sane! LOL

    Adele on

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