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It's so good to hear from you guys!  I so love hearing about YOUR lives and how things are for you.  I've met so very many SWEETHEARTS over the years.  Even though I've never met you, you ARE like a sister to me!  Friends....we will endure!

After having a CT scan of my heart in a very enclosed donut, I just wonder what it's all about.  My heart is fine.  It's like the heart of a 25-year-old, so says my cardiologist.  I've never smoked or drank.  I am overweight and have been most of my life.  I'm used to it now.  But I wish it would go away.  On my medical chart, it reads, "morbid obesity".  Really?

I'm finding it hard to get around as both of my knees need replacing.   And now I think my hip is going.  I've tried every diet on this earth, maybe twice.  I never understood what I was doing wrong.  Well, I found out why.  My thyroid is not working.  I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Fibromyalgia.  Good heart, good lungs.  I had 12 inches of my colon removed and they found another spot.  On joy!

So at 66, I face constant pain and a body that lags behind when I walk.  I told myself, I would never discuss this on my blog, but I want you all to know, IT IS A PART OF MY LIFE and it causes me to FIND SOLICE in God and in the works HE so generously gives me.

I think I am so proficient in these works because if I keep my mind in them, the UGLINESS of pain and fat never wins out.  HE always saves the day for me.  I am so thankful.

I also found out that I am highly allergic to EVERYTHING, and I'm not kidding on that one.  Out of the 80 skin tests they did on me, 76 were positive.  I am allergic to every pain medicine, antibiotics, now eggs and milk.  What's next?

But if I am honestly truthful, IT'S ALL GOOD!  Ya, sometimes I have to really rustle up the "gumption" to get into my studio and make something.  I've honestly never sat more than 5 minutes without yarn or beads in my lap.  Ask Rob.  He tells the story of my last surgery.  Anterior cervical fusion.  Last August, they found 3 discs in my neck, crumbling.  I had to have a fusion surgery.  Rob tells me I woke up, moving my hands.  The nurses thought I was having a seizure.  Rob told them, "no, she is crocheting...."  Truth.

So no matter, what is going on with our bodies, I encourage you guys to push past it.  Ask God to burden your heart with WHATEVER will keep your mind, heart and soul away from our failing bodies.  I know it works for me.  Stay strong my SISTERS!  I LOVE YOU!


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