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Really!?  I had to go in to see why I couldn't see!  My age is showing.  Ya, I talk alot about age, because I'm having a terrible time dealing with it.  It's almost depressing.
I was not doing well in school and I didn't know that I couldn't see.  That was in the days before they gave eye test to every child in school, along with hearing tests.
So, in the 4th grade I had to start wearing glasses.  HUGE GLASSES!  They were so very heavy; it wore a spot on my nose.  But I was able to see, and it was FANTASTIC!
So, in high school, my Dad bought me contacts and I could see even better!  My whole world opened up! (circa 1974)
In 2006, I was able to benefit by the advent of laser surgery.  They did what they call "mono vision" where one eye was for distance and the other for up-close!  It took a minute to get used to it, but again, my vision was superb!
I was able to see and do up-close work.  My laser surgery lasted over 10 years, which they tell me, was longer than most.  Then IT HAPPENED!!
What happened?
A fog began to cover my vision and it was like I was seeing through Casper.  The Friendly Ghost. (truly showing my age here).
My eyes slowly got worse and worse, so I went to see our retina specialist, Dr. Lee.  What a nice man he is and was very good to Rob and I.  Rob had a vitreous bleed in his eye, several months back.
Rob is diabetic and sometimes it affects the eye!  Oh, and here is my HONEY-LAMB, Robert, or Rob as I call him!
Dr. Lee was able to restore Rob's eyesight and is in general, a super knowledgeable and just a very compassionate doctor.  It is a good thing to feel comfortable with a doctor.
So yesterday, I go in, because I'm see 3 of everything.  He checked my eyes and I have cataracts and macular degeneration with floaters.  But these things "aren't BAD yet".  But I feel like I can't see anything right.  It's all screw-ee.
Well, if Dr. Lee says it's okay for now, I have to adjust to my dying eyes until he will take out the cataracts and slow the degeneration.  I have to apply drops in my eyes, six times a day!
So, it's me just learning to deal with it.  You wonder where I get the names for my's through my living and breathing here on Earth.
So, I go back to my early school days, and I just do the best I can.  The reason in even telling you guys all this is that is why I've not done much beading for a while.  Even with glasses (I have two pairs now and 3 readers....) nothing seems to bring my eyes back.  So, this is my new normal.
I just got off the phone with an optometrist that Dr. Lee recommended.  I see them in about 10 days.  I'm excited and am hoping it will bring closure to this whole business, at least for now.
Until then, I will be working on some crocheting.  I tried to sew the other day and it was tedious, to say the least.  So, for now....I work with yarn.
I know that dealing with aches, pains and not seeing very well, is going to be THE NEW NORMAL.  I am slowing, but surely, trying to adjust to these things.  They are like a batch of flies, attaching your picnic plate.  I will persevere..
There is a scripture that I am taking "advice" from.  It goes like this...
"Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in ALL circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus!"
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
I will PRESS ON....


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