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Hello!  Are you guys well?  I pray so!
Well, what am I working on?  The list is HUGE!
I don't know about you, but my legs swell in this horrid heat.  So when I take a break and put my legs up, I usually turn on MIDSOMER MURDERS and crochet.  
I have so many little scraps made into yarn balls, that I need something MINDLESS to do.  So I crochet.
This is truly a lifesaver for me.  It keeps my hands going and it keeps me sain!
At any rate, I am truly a busy gal.  I've been commissioned by a customer to do her some stained-glass corners for her picture window.  I've done stained glass and mosaic before, but it's been years.  So, I thought I'd do a bit of practicing so I could get back into the groove.  And just let me say, I'm glad I did because my skills are truly lacking, at this point.
I drew and cut out this fun white flower.  My cutting skills are alot to be desired, but I'll get there.
My soldering skills leave a lot to be desired.  After learning I had the wrong solder, this white flower is cute, but oh my, not so great, skill wise!
So I cut out a blue flower....
Easy, peasy, right?  NOT!  Cutting skills getting better and copper foiling, ok, sort of.  Here is the finished products.
As you can see, the blue is remarkably better than the white one.  Problem solved?  Not quite, BATMAN!
So, a year ago now, Rob built this cute table.  We had it outside.  It was basically painted red.  It got rained on and was in the weather, like I said, nearly a year.
So I got this idea about painting it FOR REAL and bringing inside and putting it in between our two chairs.  What Rob built it for.
Well, as you can see, I painted the bottom of it, in a crazy, colorful way.
Just free-hand cutesy stuff.  Took me 3 weeks to complete the bottom.
Well, I had to do something to the top.  So I asked Rob to build a lip around the tops so I could do some mosaic action.
So I did a mosaic table top and painted a checkerboard around the new lip area.  That took two days to complete.  Then I glazed everything and here is the finished piece.....
I just put the final glaze all over again, so it would be properly SEALED!  Whew....
So, after having said and done all that, here is the corner piece my customer wants.  She wants two of them, one for each corner of her window seating.  I'm really dragging my feet on this one.  The glass alone is $17 for a 12 by 12 and I will need at least three of them.  The solder, the time.  How much do I charge?  I need to get myself together and get these done!
I've also been working on my ANGELIC WARES store!  Haven't seen it yet?  https://angelicares.com
Over the last 66 years, I've collected a massive amount of artwork.  I used to design fabric, greeting cards and nurse scrubs.  I've been all over the states promoting my work.  Now with the advent of "print on demand" items, I've created ANGELIC WARES!    I'd love for you to take a look around!  Get 30% off now through the end of June, 2024,
Until next time.....MUCH LOVE!  Hugs and Kisses!


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