HOKEY POKEY Bracelet Pattern

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You are purchasing an odd count peyote digital pattern....NOT THE ITEM IN THE PHOTO!!

Did you ever do the HOKEY POKEY, "and you turn yourself around...."? Well, back in the day (many moons ago) my brother and I used to do the HOKEY POKEY at the roller rink. We had a blast doing that little jig and when I set out to design HOKEY POKEY I couldn't help but think about all the fun we had! So this design is about FUN!

I used size 11/0 Delica beads; size 15/0 copper metallic round seed beads for the optional PICOT trim; a size 12 long beading needle; 4 lb Fire Line fishing line and I chose a copper toggle bar and ring for the closure.

As designed, the bracelet measures 6 3/4 inches in length by just under 1 1/8 inches, which includes the trim. If you need to shorten your bracelet, simply leave off a diamond section.

I’ve used 8 different colors with a bead count of 1910. There are 19 columns and 201 rows.

".....and you can do the HOKEY POKEY and then turn yourself around. THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!"


Within the pattern you will find full color photos of the finished piece; a DELICA bead legend (listing of colors used); a view of the pattern in REAL TIME; a full color graph large enough to read easily and a WORD CHART of the pattern. There are nine pages to this FUN pdf download.

This pattern is in the form of a PDF file, a digital pattern, that will be readily available to you once your payment is received.

I don't mind if you make this bracelet to sell, but please give me the credit for the design within your listing of your finished piece. I would greatly appreciate it.

There are NO REFUNDS on digital files.

ALL photos, design and content copyrighted by JULIE ANN SMITH, 1999 to present.