PINK FLAMINGO DANCE Lip Balm Cover Pattern

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You are purchasing a flat ODD count peyote digital pattern....NOT THE ITEM IN THE PHOTO!!

NOTE: You will stitch this design FLAT, then zip it up in the back to form the tube.

One of my best friends, has a THING for Pink Flamingos. Knowing that I love adding a touch of beadery to ALL things in life, I just had to create something for her using her favorite PINK creature! I hope you have fun with this one! WHAT a blast to create!!

I stitched the original using a size 12 beading needle and 4lb FIRELINE fishing line, size 11/0 Delica beads and some little tiny size 15/0 round seed beads.

I chose some lovely crystal clear ab round size 15/0 seeds for the PICOT trim. I suggest you add your beaded trim BEFORE zipping up the tube.

When you've completed stitching the design, you will "zip" up the back by going in and out of each side. I stitch the top/bottom beads twice to secure. Weave in your ends.

I used 9 colors making 33 columns and 66 rows using a total of 1221 beads.

The cover as designed measures 2 3/4 inches around by a 1 7/8 inches tall.

You never knew anything this PINK could be so CUTE!