TIS THE SEASON Square Stitch or Loom Bracelet Pattern

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You are purchasing a SQUARE STITCH/LOOM digital pattern....NOT THE ITEMS IN THE PHOTO!!

Knowledge of working with a loom or working this design using the SQUARE STITCH are needed as no instructions of how to do these two are enclosed within this pattern.

CHRISTMAS is coming FAST, here in 2018 and I wanted to create an easy loom piece that would be fast, enjoyable and one that you will be proud to wear, give or sell! I hope TIS THE SEASON fits THAT bill for you! I know I will wear mine with a festive mood!

I have used size 11/0 DELICA beads, 6lb Fire Line fishing line, a size 12 long beading needle, faux suede and faux leather cording, golden large-hole beads and some E-6000 glue. Please finish off your bracelet anyway you like! I absolutely love the texture of the suede ends against the finish of the beads.

TIS THE SEASON uses 8 DELICA colors for a total of 1881 beads. The finished bracelet measures 6 5/8 inches by just slightly over 1 inch wide. There are 19 columns and 99 rows.

Not knowing how you will finish off your bracelet ends, you may need to delete or add to this design. If you need to make this piece longer, simply continue to work the RED/BRONZE bar at each end until your desired length is achieved. To shorten, leave off on one of the panels, at one end.

I add a few rows of off white DELICAS to start, so I can "capture" them in my suede ends. These off white DELICA rows are NOT shown here in the pattern.

TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY! I hope this design will capture that sentiment for you and yours!


Within the pattern you will find full color photos of the finished piece; a DELICA bead legend (listing of colors used); a view of the pattern in REAL TIME; an up close shot of the trim: a full color graph large enough to read easily and a WORD CHART of the pattern. Six pages of CHRISTMAS fun await you in this pdf download!

This pattern is in the form of a PDF file, a digital pattern, that will be readily available to you once your payment is received.

I don't mind if you make these to sell, but please give me the credit for the design within your listing of your finished piece. I would greatly appreciate it.

There are NO REFUNDS on digital files.

ALL images and designs are copyrighted by JULIE ANN SMITH, 1999 to present.