YOU ARE AN ANGEL Brick Stitch Charms Pattern

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You are purchasing a brick stitched digital pattern....NOT THE ITEMS IN THE PHOTO!!

Knowledge of the brick stitch is needed as no instructions for this stitch are within this pattern. 

I am so in love with Angels! I know they are all around me and they love ALL of us and protect us! I designed this pattern with their love in my heart!

I used 4lb Fire Line fishing line, DELICA beads, Miyuki size 15/0 seeds in SILVER LINED TOPAZ (#15-2422) for the loops at the top of the Angel's head to form a halo and for a little "lace" that hangs from their wings and I used various charms, crystals and embellishments to suit your Angel. Stitch each using the brick stitch!

You can hang these Angels anywhere! From your computer desk at work to your ceiling fan, zipper pull, backpack zipper or you can make them as earrings. You can also stiffen them by using FUTURE floor polish. Soak them for about 10 minutes in a tiny bit of FUTURE, take out and flatten on some wax paper. Leave overnight to dry.

These also make great gifts for your LOVED ONES! Just know they were designed with LOVE FOR EACH OF YOU!


Within the pattern you will find full color photos of the finished piece(s); a DELICA bead legend (listing of colors used); a view of the pattern in REAL TIME; A full color graph large enough to read. Full color photos of each finished charm along with photos of the necklace and bracelet I made using them. Three WONDERFULLY FUN pages of fun in your pdf download.

I don't mind if you make these charms to sell, but please give me the credit for the design within your listing of your finished pieces. I would greatly appreciate it.

There are NO REFUNDS on digital files.

All photos, design and content copyrighted by JULIE ANN SMITH, 1999 to present.